Our online reservation system for Tucson rides is almost ready!

We will be testing it for accurate rates over the next two days (Sept. 13 and 14), and hope to lauch the system on Friday the 15th.


Somnetime this Fall we will also be adding trips between Tucson and Mesa Gateway airport.

To introduce our new Tucson schedule we are offering the following discounted rates (based on the rate schedule that was used by AZ Stagecoach:

  • All prices are $2 off of the previous rate sheet.
  • 2nd person rides for FREE.
  • Additional riders are $4 per person.
  • Your 10th ride is FREE (count beginning September 1)

Until our online system is ready - please call for your reservation:

We are currently adding Tucson to our online reservation system. You will soon be able to link to it from this page. Until then, you may reserve your Tucson shuttle by calling us at (520) 889-1000 or toll free at (877) 782-4355.

Call (520) 889-1000 to Make Your Tucson Reservation

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Originally Arizona Value Shuttle, we became Stagecoach Express Shuttle in 2013. Based in Apache Junction, AZ, we serve the east valley and beyond. We provide shuttle services to and from Sky Harbor Airport and Mesa-Gateway Airport.

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