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1997 I started Arizona Value Shuttle. Being Apache Junction based we concentrated solely in the East Valley. By 2011, fourteen years in, we had turned this one man dog and pony show to fifteen vans, thirty five drivers, and an operation servicing over 70,000 customers. Thinking I had maxed growth potential I decided to sell to Messrs. Todd Clauson and Rory Grimes whom it seems had the where with all to transform the business to the next level.

I should have stuck to driving passengers!!! Can honestly say Charles Keating and Bernie Madoff had better moral compass than these two! Drivers, clientele, vender's, merchants and lenders all fell victim to corporate rape pillage and plunder, followed by more rape (they where good at something). Two and a half years of litigation saw a judgment returning to me a shell of a company that once was.

Come 2013, with no capitol, no credit and no vans we looked to re-build but quickly realized Arizona Value Shuttle no longer had value. Fourteen years gone! However, not all in the past was lost. Stagecoach Express, a company I bought in 2002 would now be our way forward.... Old drivers and office staff returned and donated time and effort without charge. Prior vendors eased restrictions and some long time customers even financed vans! What a humbling experience.

Now 2015, still a work in progress, thirty drivers, fourteen vans servicing 56,000 repeat clientele sees us almost back to pre-2011. However not complacent, we have set the bar higher to out perform your expectations as our loyal customers, without whom none of this would have been possible.

So, a sincere thanks to each and ever one of you
...Lloyd Dillon

About Stagecoach

Originally Arizona Value Shuttle, we became Stagecoach Express Shuttle in 2013. Based in Apache Junction, AZ, we serve the east valley and beyond. We provide shuttle services to and from Sky Harbor Airport and Mesa-Gateway Airport.

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