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Cowboy SketchSince January 1st 2017 these horse thieves began a levy of a $3.00 pick up fee on all transporters trading with the airport. Taxis, sedans, shuttles n' the like will all have to anti up to there bellyaching of past financial losses ... BULL SS-SH!! They got a branding iron to your butt n telling you its a critter bitter!! No mistaken these tax's are cozy up pens to Uber n lyft, by the Gov, for sizable campaign contributions who are now cashing in them chips ... No sales, local, Territorial or Federali tax's, No DMV or registration fees, minimum background checks and no ADOT supervision!! Gad dammit you sure got the coyotes feeding the chickens!!!

The golden nugget of ground transportn is "the walk on." That there is the pilgrim at the airport who has nooo idea how to reach the homestead! Old ways of do-in it, the airport authorities would coral you towards a shuttle or cab outfit, who paid a pretty buck to ram rod that cattle drive...Shuttles $16.000.00 n Cabs up to $19,000.00 per rig which tween the two had over 300 on site ... do the multiplication's n tell me who's loosen moneys??

Any hows theres big trouble a brewn with Brewer a leaven, n here comes Duci rid-en to town with his posse Uber n Lyft ... You fellas gonna have to change ways n accommodate my new umbras he ordered!! N like a fart in a church choir them deputies scrambled every which way holding head scratchn meetings and the like, conjolen ways to love the Guv....

Meanwhile down wind n smelling a rat. Sitting Chief Supper Shuttle n Ruffled two Feather Yellow cab, with righteous grievances, are wanton to leave the res and not cough up them grazing fees for stock already resold!! Geese now what!! With the natives restless n revenues floating down steam The Duce summons his accountant n lawyern types to brainstorm ways to re coop the coop, and boy did they ... what a doozy!! Seems like now if you want to hang your hat in the AZ and need transportn, an entry fee up to $3.00 will apply pending the situation. Winter migrants, the poor sick n elder will all have to pay no matter leaven on horseback, buggy or Stagecoach...Cancer research, Doctor without borders, Humanitarians, Environmentalists, missionary's, Refugees, Orphan's for the love of God ...everybodys get-tn charged!! I tell ya this medicine man has come a log way from pushn ice cream ...boy has he ever!!!

If wanten to throw your two your two cents about these going ons this young airport fella on the right says he would love to hear from ya, Why don't you give him jingle n explain smoke signaling n smoke blowing are two different type of steer!! Also Western Union us on face book or e/mail ... love to get your opinions !!

Before fallen off my pedestal would like to mention 2017 dawns our 20 year anniversary!! Damn if I'm gonna celebrate by hiking rates on you good people, who over time have kept our wheels a turning. Actually the opposite, were gonna lower prices hoping more butts in seats will offset higher opera-tn costs. With the dot Com's n digitalises invading our territory we still believe theirs a place around the fire for the old ways ... spitball en with live folk who take an interest in your travellen, n answer questions when the thought occurs!! If you have the same inclining then w look forward to seeing you down the road wishing you n yours happy trails ...

Appreciatn each n every one off ya

Lloyd Dillon, Owner

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