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Below is a description of how you are treated by our company and Super Shuttle
When you make a reservation.


We assign you a time and driver

Your reservation is put out to bid amongst their drivers who are commission based.  Does everyone get a bid?

Our drivers are committed to predetermined schedules.

Their drivers have no obligation to set schedules or times.  They work when they want to.  Do they always have enough drivers?

Arriving at the airport we track your flight and have a van waiting for you on your arrival.

They direct you to the curb to contact their rep who contacts dispatch who requests a van from their holding lot if one is available.

Other passengers arriving within a 15 minute window of your flight going your direction may share your ride.  Three stops preferred.

They like to maximize load capacity before leaving.

We are the least expensive company at the airport.


About Stagecoach

Originally Arizona Value Shuttle, we became Stagecoach Express Shuttle in 2013. Based in Apache Junction, AZ, we serve the east valley and beyond. We provide shuttle services to and from Sky Harbor Airport and Mesa-Gateway Airport.

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